How to Access Blocked Websites

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“Blocking access to undesirable Web sites through the use of Internet protocol filters has been a common government tactic since commercial Internet access first became available here in 1995. China and Saudi Arabia are believed to extend greater censorship over the net than any other country in the world under the pretext of information control.

Most of the blacklisted sites in Saudi Arabia are either sexually explicit or about religion, women, health, drugs and pop culture. They even block access to websites about bathing suits. So if you want to buy something to swim in, they seem to treat that as if it were pornographic in Saudi Arabia.

But what if an innocent website is accidentally blocked by your ISP or your government. There are always legitimate reasons to visit these blocked websites. We have listed a few methods to help you access blocked websites in school, college, office or at home.”

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This post was published by on May 13, 2006

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  • Nelson

    As of today, all links from have been blocked in Saudi Arabia. Useless to submit unblocking requests as nobody ever responds. Any ideas please?

  • Thilak

    @Nelson: Did you try using Proxify ?


  • Nelson

    Hi. Just clicked the link – and that is blocked too!

  • Thilak

    @Nelson: Try using these proxies 80 8080 8080

  • Thilak
  • http://www.bebo.cim Tasha

    NWIFHE Network Services & Support

    Security Risk: Access Denied
    You have attempted to bypass the Institute Filter System.
    The requested URL has been denied by SurfControl. The page you requested is STRICTLY prohibited by the Institute’s Acceptable Use Policy.
    Please note that your user name and workstation details have been recorded on our logs. Persistent attempts to circumvent the Institute’s filtering system will result in disciplinary procedures.


  • ben

    How do i use a proxy???

  • Tasha

    Ben here is the following details to use a proxy:

    1) Go to Tools
    2)Internet Options
    4)Lan settings
    5) Where is says Proxy server, click the wee square and type in the proxy number then ok.

  • Maria

    Now I know how to access those blocked sites. Thanks!

  • Kyle

    ok…i am trying to get into blocked websites….they are being blocked by St. Bernard software…do you have any ideas of i can get get passed the block???

  • Breezy

    Im tryin to get on myspace and i am ion a school computer at school. Anything with proxy in it will not let me access!

  • Thilak

    Breezy: Did you try Using Google Translate or

  • jimmy

    well in saudi arabia they have this kind of blocking system for websites..recently the goverment blocked
    i tried all kinds of trickes but nothing is working..i tried these websites “anynomous surf” or proxies all i could do is to go to the main page…but i couldnt sign in to my account..if u please if any one has a solution for my problem tell me :(

  • Awhi

    Well at school all the blocked sites u have given are in turn blocked.Any ideas??

  • kokie

    What is the proxy number i am trying to get on but i can’t if i dont get the proxy number i cant access anyblocked site @ my school. plzz help :(

  • Thilak
  • heather boyd

    help me i’m trying to get into bebo but it just wont let me in is there anything i can do???

  • kristina

    eeaaahh i think it sucks balls that bebo got blocked from schools around the country and so is sneaky user…….HELP!!!!

  • GOD
  • fahren

    thanks so much

  • fahren

    umm yea i like this site but umm how do i make it so i can go and myspace and see all the stuff that i have!!cause i tried dat and it dont be workin!

  • Benny

    None of these websites work at my school!!!!!!!!

  • Dasaboy
  • Emma

    When im in school bebo is blocked i have the website to unblock it but it still dosnt work can u help???

  • Wolf

    yeh i cant get into my bebo at school, the techie has blocked all of the proxys i no of + everything on this site so far. Ne new or fresh ideaswolf b gud plezzz?

  • senthil

    Have guys tried CorelCDN

  • dymond-lee

    hey yah to all!!..
    wat other website do can you go on if the skuls have blocked bebo?!!..

  • amanda

    hey well im at school right now n they got that st.banerd er whtevr blocker. i cnt get on anything with a p2p or web hosting or looping. any ideas ??

  • ezdathiara

    um yea man dis website is reali helpful yea yea man dankz dat my skul were going on bebo ryt now ..

    l8terzz aroha

  • ash

    surely everyone would love to see blocked sites , here is the website which is superb
    try it now

  • jessi n amy

    hey guys itss soooo boring now bebos been blocked enit! sumone find us a site plz …lv yewz x :)

  • Thilak

    Did you guys try

  • InSchool

    No bebo at all! All proxy’s are blocked, college pie is blocked, – everything!!!
    Does anybody know of any sites that the tech’s in most schools won’t know ?

  • InSchool

    Also, … Aren’t most of these sites blocked because we all tell everyone anyway ? I think the tech’s probably just search around to see what sites people are using and then block them from the school’s system.

    I’ve tried sooooo many proxy’s !!!

  • dazzy-r
    found them all was well workin in college but then staff caught students using those site and block it!! if ya want to usin it in school and college ya have to be CAREFUL and keep eye out for STAFF!! Have Fun!! *Winks* ;)

  • MikeB

    InSchool…you are so so right. Thanks for making my job that much easier.

  • joe

    hey is good

  • joe

    theres a program called majick (taskbar hider) u kan look up on da net it look it up

  • kristen


    it was working for me but now it just wont open bebo – it took about 6 weeks before the school figured out what it was so hope it works for y’all!!

  • jacquie

    ohhh dont worry i got it :P hahaha thanx for that navydog site its mad!

  • zidane2

    go to to get on any of these sites trust me it works!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    my school has everything there any way i can get aroun dit

  • AtHome

    Man, the proxys all get blocked by discussing them in these forums. I think one of these days I’m gonna set one up called,
    They search through these forums and find out all the latest ones that haven’t been blocked yet.
    I do however know a few that haven’t been blocked by my school’s technicians.
    But I won’t display them now, because of the techs that search these posts.
    Hope u find more DISCREET links next time though.

  • Steve JJ

    I use seems to work well

  • http://salsaking8989 David

    Hi Nelson or anyone that could help me. When i try to change my proxy server it showes as gray color and i can’t even touch it or input the numbers maybe you guys or girls know how to get rid of the grey part so i could input the numbers above.
    Thans a lot guys.

  • SAA Girl

    you are supposed to click on a little box and check to say that you want to use a proxy

  • Deepu

    Hey guys i cant access from my college… it has been blocked by the lab manager. but all teacher staffs are accessing it from their cabin.

    i have tried many proxy websites… but not workin.. i almost reached the home page of orkut.. but login box was not displayed..

    Can any one help me?? i need a cgiproxy

  • j

    There is a new secure proxy. it is at you sign up before you can use the proxy which narrows down the users. If you need any help pm me on the site forum as i am the moderator

  • Dmbp

    are there any ways to get around firewalls if your school has proxies/anonymizers blocked also?

  • pulikuttann

    You can get access to any sites blocked by your schools,colleges,offices ISPs etc.Let it be any kind of blocking.You can just use this site to access them.

  • http://none emma

    soo yeah well none of these work at my school except this one : and when i get there i dont even know how to work it or do anything with it. so. yeah, please help i guess?

  • john

    here is another site to add to your proxy list Bebo Proxy and this one too hi5 proxy Usually they work sometimes they get busy and you will have to try the site again in a couple minutes good luck!

  • aniz

    hey dude…can you tell me how to acces this…cause its blocked in my area.

  • brittany

    i really really really need help gettin on myspace. im jus from grangeville idaho so i doubt they are like blocked hard core. PLEEZ HELP!!

  • sweetie_pie123

    The only one that works on our very tight filter ( Maxnet) is the proxymafia one but it can’t get into bebo when i type into the little box it somes up with a ” cannot display page” thing. Its not our blocker thing that comes up though, just the normal ‘page is unable to be displayed’. Why does it do that? I’ve tries scores and scores of proxies on our home pc but none of them work at all theyre all blocked so is bebo, myspace and even sites that sell swimsuits agrgh please help

  • Silverton

    I’ve used practically all the sites on here. They’re all blocked. Well, not all of them, but I’m sure the school technicians(sp?) will block ‘em soon.
    I’ve been to, but I’m not sure if I should download it. I’ve also been to, but I got confused and wasn’t sure what to do. I used to use a lot, but someone in the school staff found out about it and blocked me from the site.

    If someone could email me some sites that have not been mentioned here (even the person from, that would be great.

  • Silverton

    I’ve used practically all the sites on here. They’re all blocked. Well, not all of them, but I’m sure the school technicians(sp?) will block ‘em soon.
    I’ve been to, but I’m not sure if I should download it. I’ve also been to, but I got confused and wasn’t sure what to do. I used to use a lot, but someone in the school staff found out about it and blocked me from the site.
    If someone could email me some sites that have not been mentioned here…
    (even the person from that would be great.

  • Silverton

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that will probably be helpful for others who do not live in or near Mid-Missouri.

  • kepalis_level22

    I’m having the same problem, Silverton. It would be great if anyone could email us or leave us a message on our MySpace names. You know Silverton’s myspace. Her name is underlined. Mine is the same as well.
    If you can’t reach us there, then use our email addresses. I already sent her a message about it all. Silverton’s email is Mine is
    Thanks to anyone who replies to our messages.

  • http://gmail arindam

    the websites in my office is blocked by smartfilter, i have tried almost everything in the world, Is there anyway i can access websites, I REPEAT, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD

  • http://gmail arindam

    you can use the above websites to post me mails about accessing blocked websites in office, i am desparate

  • http://yahoo kia

    go to and tipe in in the url if you cant get into

  • Steve Case

    My work blocks youtube and myspace
    I have been using to get to these sites with out an issue that last 3 months. Best of all ITS FREE!

  • Lorin WORKS THE BEST!!

  • Steve

    I have been using for the last few weeks at school with out an issue. Every time they block one, I just go to their site and use another their mirror sites.

  • tom

    Go On

    It Wrkz Da Bst

  • lovke By typing this in the search box, in should bring you directly to and for my space type in Now i havent tried these myself on the school computers but they should would, if not, owell. FIND OUT YOUR DAMN SELF!!

  • ani
  • Katie

    i need a site. all the sites up here don’t even work. they might pull me up to the site, but it won’t log me in. i’ve been going all block in school to get on. so can someone help me please. and if you’re going to help, can you please do a good site and not a nasty one. and make sure it’s good because in the state of virginia they make it really hard to get on these proxy sites.

  • Daniel

    You Should Try or they work for me no trouble

  • Mrs.petewentz
  • Shakira

    MySpace Instant Messenger is blocked by our isp. What can I do to make it worked?? :( Please help me.

  • Taylor

    ok every single site i have been on doesnt work that latest one that did work was and now my school blocked it need more please

  • Shakira

    Thank you so much Taylor, but I want to use myspace instant messenger which is blocked by the isp. :(

  • tyree

    thatz fucked up how we get a proxy then 1 day later itz blocked thatz messed up

  • Mjack

    if i were u guys i would stop puting your websites on here

  • http://- Tony

    All of you can try
    It’s good !!!

  • robert

    yall should try

  • N

    I agree with mjack. If you hve bypass website, post your email and tell people to cantact you. My school tracks all the websites that students visit, if you go to a public high school, they might be doing the same. They’re probably tracking me right now…

  • Kathy

    Im trying to get on myspace at my school but our system is filtered through Websense enterprises and everything i do to avoid the proxy is blocked as well as the site.. any help???

  • IT Guy

    Gutted, stopped past in the hope of finding some new sites, well you guys are always so helpful in posting them for us sysadmins to find. BUT… I’ve blocked them already… NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!

  • tui


  • Dwayne

    hey..does anyone know how to unblock, or know the best site to goto to unblock

  • Maahi

    Guys i think that i call help u people i got a software which is coool.
    I got many web based proxies also am not posting them here cause they might be blocked in your isp.
    my email is email me and i will help you.

  • Glenn whitter
  • shella

    hey i need a website for myspace but w/out using a proxy

  • http://beboandhotmail jessica

    how wuld u get onto bebo and hotmail when ever it’s blocked?
    i mean the skool has blocked everything

  • Jeff
  • diechucky999

    Ok my problem is thus: They arnt just blocking myspace and things like that their blocking anything to do with a proxy and it’s catagorized under “anonymizer”. I have tried all of the links that are here and none of them working, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me a proxy or some other method that does not involve downloading programs (that is not within my “Student” privaliges.

  • keasha

    this is so cool

  • joeee
  • james rakei

    try these site…they used to work at my skool but not anymore…..

  • Speck

    Hey got to it works for us at school

  • emily works for mee ;)

  • Kelly

    I think that blocking websites for no reason is stupid, because we should be able to check our facebook, we should be able to check our myspace, we should be able to go on almost any website we want with out it being blocked.


    uuggghhh, this is so frustrating! i think people should stop trying to post them online cuz then the stupid tec. people get on and block them all. So, if anyone knows of a good proxy tell me via email at help please!!

  • manish

    i m unable access any site or web meesenger sites like meebo or all sites r blocked by websense in my office. this is really frustrating for me………….i have tried all proxies anothings works with this stupid websense. Any suggestion plzzzzzzzzzzz help…..websense killing me…..send me mail on

  • DAn

    Can anyone please send me a list of sites or even one that wont get blocked by watchdog
    my email address is,
    please help ive tried everything and we cant get into internet settings becuase thats been blocked aswell

  • sally

    is there any other ways besides proxy services because they have them blocked also as anoonimizers

  • //sxc khamii balla`z ;;

    diis websiite can unblOck blOcked blOck websiite
    iit`z heO kwl

    hehe ^^


    iit wrk`z 2 hehe ^^

    iit`z tha best

    buh ii dun nOe wah 2 dO iif ur skwl blOck tha websiite`z hehe ^^

    cOz ii Onlii nOe thOse 2 websiite`z hehe

    heO kwl

    dayemm ma

    iim Outz

  • william

    this is gay you cant get around blocked stuff


    has anyone checked out the telephone proxy by

  • keyla

    This worked real good for me, but they blocked it in our skool now*** Try

  • Kylan Phalon

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  • Amjad Ali Sd

    iam staying in Saudi Arabia and hear all the website are filtered like mega , rapid, and send i tried all above but its not possible so if help me i really appreciate you

  • moe jama

    i need bebo unblock but there was lot’s of use full 1 dat i used be4

    thank you

  • http://msn buttstier
  • harrow

    hiya friends here is the website

  • Rehan

    Found some new sites, luckily they are unblocked at shcools and colleges so you can simply enjoy!

  • tom is blocked in the uk but i think it’ll work elswhere

  • Steve

    I have tried a lot of the sites you guys have suggested and most of them work great, especially when I use MySpace. The only issue I’m having is I’m having trouble replying to messages and posting bulletins. For example when I’m trying to post a bulletin when I click on “post” nothing happens and it just stays at the same page. This happen on a few websites I tried. Any suggestions on how I can post bulletins properly? Thanks.

  • christina
  • filterzap
  • Nathan

    I’m using Firefox with St Bernard. What Do I do?

  • Jonathan

    This is so cool and rocks i love this.

  • samad

    ORKUT is blocked in our internet lab. Is there any way that iam able to open it secretly,without any proofs.

  • shadow

    i can c the site and the login screen but it does not want to log me in plz help im on facebook. Im using Facebook has been blocked by the college plz help

  • kenneth

    hey my names kenneth here try this “it should work”

  • http://myspace drew

    Well .. i’ve tried every link on this page and so far everything is blocked here .. .any ideas? im at school

  • Trina

    I have tried everything to get on Myspace, are there any OTHER sites to get around the school blocked system? I was able to get on using a proxy… for about five minutes.. sent one messaged then it was totally blocked! So any suggestions? or help me please!?!?!?!

  • byron johnson

    i can’t gwt onto bebo beacuse it’s blocked by websense, and i tried to go on sneaky user as well, but that’s blocked as well, i tried the websites above but i can’t gwt on them either, can anybody help me with this please?

  • Matt Arnold

    some places block sites eith “proxy” in the title or page text. Try finding proxy sites that hide this information, the should be accessable from all around :)

  • Claudine

    i hate how teachers block the internet at school…..theres no bebo or my space its boring gosh…

  • chr15


  • Nick

    This is what it says on mine:

    403 Forbidden
    The following error occurred: Access denied by SmartFilter content category. The requested URL belongs to the following category: Anonymizers.

    How can i get past that!!!

  • Uzair

    This is a very good article, especially for Indians. Now if they ban orkut, we can still access it.

  • Supa Proxy

    access blocked sites anonymously using a free web based proxy to “unblock” those pages

  • the real proxy

    Hello, I have a new proxy that wil bypass all those countries,

    Browse the internet securely using TheRealProxy. You can unblock popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Friendster and many other sites.

    At you can surf the internet anonymously. You can browse the web at school without being blocked by the school’s filter. You can browse the web at work and not be blocked by your work’s filter.

  • http://myspace lucky

    give me a website that works

  • najiah

    hiya can sum1 tell me hw 2 use dis site,
    cuz i tried everyting else in dis page but it dnt wrk!

  • sha rock

    unless you go to Jay M Robinson, this site should work

  • http://everything daniel

    im in hospital using the patientlinecomputer and everything is blocked and i mean everything. games, media streaming, message services, proxy avoidance and many other. can any1 help me?

  • gavin

    i tried
    but that didnt work, ive tried nearly every website on these comments, but dosent work
    i need 2 get on 2 bebo in my skool
    holla bk at me if u find one yh

  • http://facebook tutu

    how do u get onto facebook when it is blocked at school?

  • bobby

    thy this it all ways works for me

  • Boogieman


    I am using . I am satisfied, as I get VPN protection for my traffic and IP.

    I wouldn’t really recommend the free proxy services, go for a professional company who cares about their customers and profits.


  • patrick

    go onto and in the http:// put myspace or whatever u want and it will let u access it but dont let the teachers see u.

  • http://anywebsite bob lets u get onto myspace and stuff

  • maxxine rockss
  • Sneaky

    it wont work is there any other ways that arent blocked

  • baba tunde

    all u ppl are poomplex aint u got nuttin betta 2 do than tryin 2 access blocked sites kmt u lot need 2 get a life 4real batty bois n gals u lot need 2 get an education and go university or saink n get qualifications n get a good job with good pay … u no back home in africa we dont get all these privaleges and all of you are not taking advantage people in africa would do anything 4 all this shit yeh but den u lot are taking da piss .. u lot need to sort it out get an education instead of wasting tym on this nxt proxy shit and finding stupid website kmt u lot are waste u no children in africa dont even no what the internet is and i’m sure if they did they would not waste thier tym on stupid websites lyk this they would be studying and doing research to gain more knowledge … i’m sure all u lot love money but money dnt grow on trees u have to work hard for tha money and if ur wasting tym on websites lyk this den ur sad and u wont make money .. u either have to go out and get a job or go to sckool study and get some qualifications for a good job that gives good pay so that you can provide for your selves i’m sure you lot dont want to be tramps so u lot are fucken sad priks >:(

  • clint

    this website works well it seams pritty new yet to

  • clint


    it is fairley new

  • alethea

    try this it hasn’t been blocked from me for awhile, or you could try……..

  • Maajid

    Try this which will surely make you to browse most locked sites.

  • ashlie
  • angleofsarrow

    grrr there is a web site called
    ^^ maybe pepal can use that

  • Jamie White

    I would like for yall to come up wit new proxies because these are getting old and it doesn’t help at all. THANK YOU.

  • Roddog

    Try using Command Prompt, to do this simply type in ping (the website you want eg. ping and walla there is a set of numbers. this is the websites ping address now type the numbers into your web browser and walla your into the site.

    (Some sites will still be blocked, IF THERE SMART TO REALISE THIS)

  • ieshe

    i fell like that is real dumb for them 2 blick this site.because kids are going 2 be kids and do what they wont 2 do. it anit like were on here doing things that we nbo that we dont sapouse to be doing

  • s h e l b y


    buhh, you have to deleate your history or they will block the site straight away.

  • Spish

    my school is amazing at this. i found a proxy server..then the next day i went on the same one and it was already blocked..only one other person knew about it. we both deleted our history. they are too good man !!!!!! hope you all find good proxys cus bebo makes my frees so much more interesting..good for gossip !!! lolol x

  • vivian

    Well…just a thought guys, if this chat is public you realized that ANYONE can go on and see it right? ..meaning that schoool staffs can see this and block all the sites that you just put in..

    be smart.

  • Selbourne Designing

    Can you believe it, even proxy sites are blocked. That is in my office :)

  • Kayla

    I work at a car dealership, they use websense to block everything, including anything to do with proxy’s. But once I found and read what everybody had to say and what to use I found some great sites to be able to access MySpace.

    All of these sites I found on this site previously, so just look up before you post a comment.

    Wish you the best of luck!!!

  • Russel

    I use the VPN to surf the blocked sites. Exactly it’s the easiest way. My choice was cheap one, and also good service.

  • LaCajj

    Liike ii hiighly recommend using it worked for me so let it work for you! wait dat sounded soo gaii..but anywaise bebo Rocks! ………………….ANTORINE!

  • Makuti-112

    I highly recommend using its better and much more faster to logg inn. Anyways Rubi 4 life

  • Rich


    A site I use at work to access blocked websites is one called Just type that in, then when page comes up you will see another search bar at the bottom of the page. Type the website in there that you want to visit, and it should take you to the site to surf at your hearts content. This site works in the college that I work at, so think it will work on anything. Give it a try guys.


  • Rayomand


    I was unable to check my updates on my website due to ISP cache and same in office firewalls.

    A friend recommended the following sites…

    Try them – all works fine even on myspace / hi5 / bebo


  • Paritosh Vashi
  • BeboOo Gall x

    Only ones my school aint banned are;

    But it cuts the Bebo pages off half the time init

  • Mental Description

    Try this, updated daily:


  • Dj Flush

    Hello Thilak :P take it as a promoting chunk or whatever my dear friend

    but I just launched Sizloxy ( Free Anonymous Web Proxy and am hosting it on a dedicated server so thought your users might find this helpful

    Rocking blog you have there

    Keep it up ;)

  • John

    after a bad experience with proxies, I switched to vpn services. I now have 2 months since started using Happy VPN and I must say I am really satisfied.
    Why? because it simply works. All the time!
    I had one question and they answered it quickly and politely. And ofcourse it answered my query :)
    Which was about if they store logs of traffic – and they do not store any logs !!
    Now that is exactly what I wanted.
    So,I highly recommend:


  • Joe

    I’ve been switching off between these proxy for months, they have been very fast and reliable.

  • Omnipotentia

    Try out It is a free and anonymous web proxy to bypass internet restrictions for surfing blocked websites from school, office or university.

  • Maajid Vorajee

    This sites will help you to surf anything where you cant access through your isp or restricted network or firewalls

  • mugs

    try using or one of the two should work on the server

  • Amanda

    thats a website my friend told me about but it is blocked on certain ip addresses. none of the websites anyone has posted, works for me. i’m on a library computer. it doesn’t even have the “tools” thing showing. i need options ):

  • To All High School and Colledge Students

    You can access all websites with this, even at Public Library’s. Try this one.

  • Reaper

    Yall try hot spot shield
    go to
    download it… its easy den connect it…if it connects enjoy!

  • Jenny

    I’m wanting to unbolck websites at school.

    Someone on here said that you use proxy by doing the following:
    1) Go to Tools
    2)Internet Options
    4)Lan settings
    5) Where is says Proxy server, click the wee square and type in the proxy number then ok.

    When I click tools and then internet options, I cannot see the connections tab. There are only 3 tabs, which are General, Privacy and Programs. Did my school delete the rest of the tabs, including the connections tab, so we couldn’t get into them to do such things as this? (We each have our own accounts) Or am I just looking in the wrong place!?

    , Jenny

  • Saptarshi

    I think you may want to try and use Tor… Its faster and simpler than changing proxies all the time. Its free, secure, privacy-oriented and easy to use… Check this post I wrote a while back:

  • unblockgate

    you can still try this i hope its not yet banned… and it doesnt have any pop ups and modified for myspace

  • gratefull

    Thank-you Rehan for mentioning it got me through.

    Freedom is not an option it is a right and responsibility. Learn and live free.

  • chris
  • jason

    you can also use a proxy website to view blocked sites, one such as

  • Betty

    I’ve got the OpenVPN account!! No blocking now!!! Thanks to everybody who helped me!!!

  • ajay and chloe

    i would just like to say that my school blocks google images…. i do find this kind of ridiculous.

    also we are a secondary school but our school seems to think they are a college as it is in the school name.. and now they have changed it to campus.. now they think there a university .. im sorry as it is off subject but it really does annoy us,

  • A’R Babess

    go on google and enter c-g-i proxy grennan and click on the link which says c-g-i proxy error and click restart type in the weaddres you want and it may take a little while to load but it will eventually hope it helps but its been blocked at my school SORRY !! try it thoughh x

  • James Edwards

    You can also use

  • Vg

    I will tell u a simple way.
    Note:Before trying in the actual location,you should know the ip address of the website =>
    Then covert this into binary..
    eg. 14=1110

    now write all numbers of the ip in sequence and re convert the converted ip to decimal.
    Type this into the address bar of the browser and…
    happy breaking rules.

  • techneesian

    well i hav been usin dis for a year n it never dissapoints me..
    all u gotta do is download “your freedom” software from n go thru der wizard n den access ne site u wanted to n cudnt..
    take my word for it..

  • http://myspace Anna grace

    Hey guys well wen ever I try to get on myspace it said blocked by fire wall. I am trying to get through but it won’t pull up anything. What can I do to get through?

  • Michael Wallace

    Well if anyone has a solution to this probelm I would be very thankful.
    I’m trying to access and I want to log in ony problem is:
    No proxies work at my school NONE because the school has blocked the unblocking sites themselves. Basically any proxie or unblock website I try to go to it says:
    Web-based Proxies/Anonymizers.

    And any site that it doesn’t do that to it says it can’t connect to the site. So anyone have any ideas?

  • Joni

    i cant get on with any of those proxies my shool is bogus and they have everyhting blocked even the word proxie and myspace so could anyone try and figure out the login code?

  • Turd

    I use this site because it really helps to hide me from my schools administrators

  • Turd

    This blocked sites is bullshit anyways…so use

  • Kirsty x0x0x

    Heyyy! Try It Works :D :D

  • vanessa

    i need help..
    i am grounded off the computer at home..
    and hte only computer i can get on is at school..
    so i need help:]]

  • ForgottenGirl

    Ok this is wack cuz i came to dis to use this as a proxy and i can’t that bull this needs to be fixed

  • Ty

    If you’re on a Mac, try using NetShade . It’s an anonymous proxy program and it works very well.

  • sarah

    i need to no how to axces this
    something happened to our computer at home and now its not working
    every thime i go on it, it says bloed at dose not let me go on it
    plz help me coz all my family have about 8 messages and more each

  • Mike

    My school blocked this web site so can u give some others useful websites to get into facebook???
    Thanks alot….

  • JB
  • Erica Evans

    i am at school and their computers are set to private and the proxy’s won’t work what can i do?

  • chaz

    i cnt evn get on2 d page 2 find out how 2 unblok stuf coz its blokd aswel!!!!!!!!!!!any1 any ideas???

  • http://bebo nicola

    i want to view bebo in school but every thing is blocked any suggestions????

  • Ali

    hello guys.

    can any one give me a technique how to bring the popup in my school computer which is locked by school. or show me a way how to opn the internet option becuase my school computers doesnt allow anything.

  • nishu

    plz tel sum way 2 acess our account on orkut as it s blocked in our college

  • http://bebo Moana

    Hi i want to unblock bebo so i can go on it i want to unblock it now

  • http://myspace shay

    wat do u mean im at school and cant get on myspace or anything else so i need help unblocking this computer at school

  • rai saab

    hi,i live in china & when i open tis web it can’t open.So plz can u explain me the problem.thk’s

  • iasa

    wats the port number for bebo ??:S

  • ur mother

    ya are a bunch of loser’s lolz cuz none of dese
    websites seem to work so try again wow
    what a waste of my time lolz thanks anyways
    =-) peace out my dudes!!!

  • gurll who needs help duh

    help me the school blocked all the web sites i can go to to unblock blocked web sites=[ stupid i know right and i tried all the web sites above and it isnt workin —help me

  • sam

    dude help me i need a wesite for myspace ! its so BORING in this gayass school.

  • Ashley

    i go to school and was wondering how to unblock myspace from all the firewalls

  • http://websence callum

    i on a school computer and evrething is blocked by webscene ene idears how to get past it i have tryed evrething ?

  • talia

    I need help finding websites to get through the blocked sites like myspace..

  • http://myspace Kalynne

    Hey i need something to let me in myspace at school..without the use of Proxies

  • http://bebo Jomari

    Man they always blocking something they better stop

  • Ryan T

    I had a friend use a proxy server that was typed directly into the web address part of the browser.
    Ex) [web address].[proxy]:[port]
    Does anybody even know what kind of proxy this is?

  • heather

    They say soon that all the chat sites will be conneted to one. I have a firewall blocking that stuff. How do I get passed it?

  • Erin

    This one is the best

  • http://Yahooo Rahul

    Yahoo is block plx let me knw how to acess

  • mustafahitman

    i need to open this website because it close in my company…

  • Viki


    has anyone tried ??

    you have to sign up but once you have and you enter the site there are literally HUNDREDS of pages that you click on

    the page has to be open though or they dont work

    there’s also as well

    have fun!! XD

  • carly

    i want to get on bebo but the school has like blocked everything, litereally .
    any one have ideass ? (Y)

  • MoiN

    Using proxy websites or proxies is a good idea but they block stuff too (like pics etc) sometimes

  • Julian

    A lot of Proxy sites are banned ’cause they title themselves as “Proxy Avoidance” sites. My friend made a site and hosted it from his home server… not sure how to go about doing that though.

  • Kate

    thanks for unblocking it, but the school found out and still blocked my favorite flashes and my profile, is there any way that it could stay unblocked- all of it?

  • pcfreak

    How do i find out the ip number/code of a website???

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://bebo kirsty

    I have been sittin here for fukiin hours and none of these sites work ffs !!!! so …..

  • Sunny

    Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

    The Websense category “Proxy Avoidance” is filtered.

  • jenna

    im in the middle east on vacation and cant access any sites like myspace, facebook and etc. and a lot of the blocked sites dotn work. anyone know of a guaranteed site i can use to access blocked sites. greatly appreciated :)

  • Tita

    I do not kno how to get on it either but its ok….its not no biggie…but yeait is hard to get on sites like that because they are all fuc*in blocked….I hate amercian nerds….(jk)

  • chloe
  • Jason d

    Hey people im from mount st marys high school (east)
    and theres no way of getiing passed the blocked websites
    even using proxy
    they’ve blocked nearly every word even with proxy in it so not a chance unless u kno the admin password
    + if ya get caught ur in soooo much trouble

  • http://astrology&Horoscope Kanika

    How to open these websites? as these are blocked in my office…

  • Chris
  • eko TuR

    gladder proxy toolbar for firefox browser work great

  • rajeev kumar

    i am working with call center & administrator has blocked all the web sites .i want to access that sites
    i asset. Administrator tell about its bye pass.
    so that i can access all the web sites

  • http://Allsexwebsites Ravi

    I tryed to use the proxy. But it is also blocked.

  • PS3 Addict

    Try for some alternative methods.

    Basically if you can get access to a ssh server (you could even run your own on port 80 or 443) you can make putty act as a local proxy, and forward your traffic through the already encrypted ssh connection, by setting IE or FF to use putty as a proxy, nothing appears in the internet logs at work/school apart from the connection to your ssh server/

  • Ramanuj

    Hey guys, I want to know how to unblock Dailymotion and Videovat. I tried going to Tools— Internet Options—– Proxy Server. I was asked the Port number and http proxy. I dont know the Port number and http proxy. Please help.

  • Ramanuj

    Can someone tell me how to bypass blocked sites? I also want to know how to obtain the IP address and port number of the sites. Please email me at

  • jason

    well,…i tried everything this said and everything turned out to be blocked..i need hellpp

  • http://emailsites Tasha

    I’ve been trying to access my email accounts, and myspace accounts through proxies but Remote proxy sites are blocked through ‘Webroot Web
    Security Saas’. does any 1 know any way to get around blocked proxy sites

  • ProxyDude here is a proxy list have fun

  • joshy

    try this this is how i got onto bebo at school but dont let your administrator find it out

  • Tyler

    How do I unblock restricted sites at my school they blocked
    how do I unblock these sites and allow me to access them, what website will do that?

  • rebecca

    Trust me, this will work, I used it all the time to get onto Bebo until a mate of mine got caught and now its blocked, but we have heaps more anyway haha
    Good luck!!!

  • Kat

    u know when u mention “proxy number” whats that???
    i think my website’s blocked :( and i cant get on it..

    HELP please

  • Thin_King213

    I am an employee of allstte and all proys are blocked because of annonymizers. I try google translate and that doesnt work. I used to use or something like that til they blocked it. Anyone know of anything else like that?

  • AznOtakuGurl

    Although I want to access blocked websites, I don’t want to get in trouble by changing the proxy number… are there any sites that are reliably able to get me through?

  • Kaleb

    the school block system we have is by light systems. if enyone can find a site that can get past our firewall and isnt blocked let me know! :(

  • Baljit

    Security Risk: Access Denied
    You have attempted to bypass the Institute Filter System.
    The requested URL has been denied by SurfControl. The page you requested is STRICTLY prohibited by the Institute’s Acceptable Use Policy.
    Please note that your user name and workstation details have been recorded on our logs. Persistent attempts to circumvent the Institute’s filtering system will result in disciplinary procedures.


  • scorpionflower

    ALL browse007 like alternatives have been blocked in Saudi Arabia & the others return the message: The requested URL returned error: 416.

    Any ideas or hints to a working site such as these

  • Diego

    go to google and type vvd1 then the very top on is the best prxies to get on.. u wont be able to be stoped even if gets blocked!

  • Taylor


  • http://allwebsites Nevaeh

    all the websites i have clicked on this page arent working!

  • viren

    hey want to access the site which is been blocked by my institute so could u help me to access this site i have tried evrything but of no use

  • MAT

    the easiest way to get on to any site would be to go onto

    this sometimes works if used properly

  • trey

    none of this shyt does not work

  • http://www.pronhub,com Gumby

    Go vvd1 go!!!

  • boss999

    this is very good one to open blocked websites
    after the downloading and setup click on it and will open a site next go to blocked site and click on the fresh many time to open it

  • Jon is a free way to unblock sites like myspace, facebook, orkut, etc.

  • Zack

    this is useless
    none of your sites work lol

  • siju thomas

    this site is blocked by omantel plz open this

  • linda

    i have used at school and it does let me go to blocked websites i hope it can help someone!!!

  • http://disneylandresort/ ashley

    Blocked this website from this computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uniqua


  • Mahdi

    The link to continue reading itself is blocked

  • http://dnno justine payne

    can people tell me some of the websites 2 go on 4 school please,
    but they would have to start with (https://) and so on ok,
    if you have any could you write to me on ……

  • Sasu

    What the hell is wrong with this site?~!

  • michael

    help me get on to it.all the teachers av bocked itt

  • michael

    help me get onto please

  • mikie

    well i want to get on myspace from the library but it’s blocked. how do i get on

  • Ebin Nat

    in ethiopia websites critical of the gov’t are blocked. how can i unblock? it is the chinese tel company called ZTE that helped them to excellently block those websites. can i unblock these websites? is there any tech that makes the chinese annoyed?
    write me:

  • jim

    im always in skool n i can never get on myspace. i tried every thing need help

  • mike

    try this site
    this site will work no matter what they try to do to it

  • http://Bebo Fatima

    could you please tell me how can you access bebo and facebook when it is blocked at collage thanks

  • Isabel

    You can use or

  • dee

    pls help me unblock these websites

  • http://youtube matthew

    i want to get on youtube

  • alma

    this web is blocked how can i access it?

  • http://myspace,youtube,andfacebook boo boo kitty

    i cant unlock none of these websites

  • mz.bitch

    yall hoes know that shit dont work……….
    dont make me fuck you up

  • Jack

    hi isabel
    just wanna tell u the has been stopped @ my work with the CA Gateway Security
    please help me
    10X isabelllaaaaaaaa

  • terra

    how can i access yahoo messenger when almost everything is blocked on my school computer! such as myyearbook, myspace, msn and aol messenger

  • bangbang

    nothing is working and its making me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo god.
    theres got to be something these computers dont know..

  • puneet

    plz send me a crack to and

  • http://orkut lajan

    i don’t get orkut account .when the id given it report error msg.what i do to over come this problem

  • denzel

    how do i get past proxys in my school to get on myspace

  • ally

    i need proxys for myspace that acually work thanxx

  • http://freeonlinegames Naruki

    EVRYTHING IS ALWAYS BLOCKED HERE AT MY SKOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • puneet

    i need proxies for orkut that really works

  • http://myspace katttyyy

    hey none of this has worked for me the only thing that has worked was me signing in as hstudent1 and password was student..
    Then i typerd in
    it works at my school but only in different rooms and im always all around school. please help me Thanks..

  • jake

    sights at schools are blocked on servers. thats why this stuff doesn’t work. try https insted of http. this sometimes works (more often if you don’t use internet explorer) any better sugustions?

  • Ocean

    I realy love this website and i want to use it

  • tony

    HotSpot Shield, it really works. i open youtube and other blocked websites by it in china. it works

  • disdaining

    Hi fellows!

    To open any blocked website simply open the following link:
    Enter ur URL and it will open.

  • Anelly

    Web proxies are only slowing down the internet connection and at a point they will be blocked. Now I’m using an application called IP Privacy that has dedicate proxies (called premium proxies) from US, UK, Germany, France etc and i am able yo bypass filter and access blocked websites.


    GO TO IT WILL HELP YOU!!!!!!!!1

  • Tom

    Hi all :)

    why don’t you try this website:
    (Open Blocked

    It has easy name to remember .. easy to use .. fast .. and has no annoying ads …


  • Kelly

    Okay so everyone is telling me to go on these proxy websites for facebook,.!! but our school blocks the proxies too…

    I NEED HELPPPPP!!! Please!

  • baby girl nene

    have u tried ~~ works like magic my name is nada me is love boys add me bnota_cute@hot…..

  • Anonymous

    hi pals,, pls help me to open social networking site proxies without the name proxy in it url ,,,pls make reply soon ……

  • Anonymous

    hi pals,, pls help me to open social networking site proxies without the name proxy in it url ,,,pls make reply soon ……

  • tosin

    help i cannot access my yahoo email

  • ify

    none of this work in my skoool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thomas

    how to get on a website at school?

  • darin123

    ya it sucks

  • darin123

    ya i know how to get on youtube

  • yo daddy

    this sucks ,,,,,it didnt work my god!

  • yo daddy

    this sucks ,,,,,it didnt work my god!


    As of today, all links from have been blocked in Kuwait, Useless to submit unblocking requests as nobody ever responds. im looking for free proxy with and port so,Any ideas please? i need it very urgent…????


    please help me with free proxy,IP.No &port to inter
    its block in Kuwait???? please please please

  • karthik

    i want to access filtered wbesites
    how to access plssssssss
    send the solution

  • sAgAr
  • Addim

    use hot spot sheild but by using this ur net speed will slowdown

  • Maya

    I use to go on blocked sites

    With anonymous VPN account
    you can bypass with your PC or mobile all blocked web sites, watch
    TV online or listen radio and use Skype if it is blocked in
    your region.

  • MedoBrundo

    I was blocked as well,so I can suggest a VPN solution.
    With a Super VPN  you can continue to use Skype
    if it is blocked in your region you
    can bypass your firewall, visit all blocked web sites, watch
    TV online, listen radio, access Flickr, YouTube and

  • Novak Kaya

    The best solution for access to blocked sites is VPN. I just found on Internet. Did anyone tried this service?

  • Tvapo